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DDB Ignite puts the power of Canada’s most celebrated communications agency behind emerging entrepreneurs and start-up companies. We’ve tailored our strategic planning tools and processes to generate business results for start-ups. Different than traditional accelerators, we offer expertise and mentorship to help start-ups reach their next stage of growth through the creation and expression of a compelling brand story.

Our brand accelerator model is designed to collaborate with next generation companies to move them from a unique product idea to a concise brand and business-driving idea.

A company without a story is a company without a strategy. Marc Andreesen

  • Brand Founding Workshop

    Brand Founding Workshop

    These sessions empower entrepreneurs with the ability to tell a compelling story, build their brand and develop a solid communications strategy. Workshops are offered semi-annually at DDB’s offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal.

    Learn more about the Brand Founding Workshop.

  • Brand Inflection Project

    Brand Inflection Project

    We support start-ups ready to scale their growth with a comprehensive brand-led campaign by offering deferred payment for our creative services and the opportunity to secure media space in return for equity through our strategic partnership with Discover Media House.

    Learn more about the Brand Inflection Project.

  • Brand Growth Partnership

    Brand Growth Partnership

    We invest expertise for equity and empower founders. We look for partnerships with starts-ups that are ready to scale.

    Learn more about the Brand Growth Partnership.

This day-long session hosted at DDB’s offices is designed specifically for validated start-ups to empower the entrepreneurial teams behind them with the ability to tell a compelling story, build their brand and develop a solid communications strategy that will drive efficient, scalable growth.

Leaders from each of our practice areas will present key strategies and tools while leading discussion around 5 key topics that cover how to build a brand while taking into consideration the constraints and opportunities of a start-up.

Workshops are free for qualifying companies.

Find out if your start-up qualifies and submit your application.

Is the Brand Founding Workshop right for you and your team? If you answer yes to the questions below, then you are ready to learn how to apply DDB’s brand and communications tools to your business:

  1. Have you validated your product and found a target market that values your offering enough to pay for it?
  2. Have you refined your value proposition and user experience to meet your target markets needs?
  3. Is your team aligned on the vision and mission for your company and now you need a cohesive and compelling way to express this to others?

Up to fifteen companies will be accepted per workshop based on their fit with our philosophy. We aim to co-create innovation with companies whose businesses align with the industries, culture and type of ideas our expertise and network are positioned to support.

  • Your team

    1. Open minded
    2. Passionate
    3. Collaborative
  • Target Audience

    1. Business to consumer
    2. National ambitions
    3. Global ambitions
  • Business Idea

    1. Breaks convention
    2. Creates a new category
    3. Scales rapidly

If you’ve built a business and are ready to tell the world and you meet our qualifications to participate, you can apply using the form below.

Applications Close May 4 2017
Fall Workshop May 18 2017
Applications Close September 23 2016
Fall Workshop November 1 2016
Applications Close September 30 2016
Fall Workshop November 8 2016
Applications Close September 23 2016
Fall Workshop October 26 2016
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Start-ups ready to use the power of an integrated campaign to scale their business beyond the plateau of direct tactical marketing can do so while deferring the majority of the costs for the creative development fees and the media placements. DDB has partnered with Discover Media House to offer negotiated access to media space from top networks across North America. This is in exchange for equity or fees tied to milestones that defer costs to the time of the company generating new revenue and cash flow as a result of the campaign.

DDB works with start-ups selected for Discover’s Inflection Program to develop their brand story and creative concepts using the strategic approach of brand building supported by targeted activation which has been proven to drive the highest return on marketing investment.

We offer services with deferred payment options to start-ups who qualify for Discover Media House’s Inflection Growth Program.

To inquire about the Brand Inflection Project, please send an expression of interest to our office nearest you: Vancouver Edmonton Toronto Montréal

We invest expertise for equity in start-ups who are building disruptive businesses. We empower founders with the resources of a full-service agency and work collaboratively with their teams to establish a customer engagement strategy that focuses on early adoption and advocacy from seed customers and influencers.

Our ideal partners have a market ready product, have qualified their target audience through customer research, and have an internal team including marketing and sales resources. You have dedicated financing to support the execution of a national or global launch based on the strategy we develop together.

DDB offers an agreed upon value of services in return for equity, based on the current valuation of the start-up.

To inquire about the Brand Growth Partnership model, please send an expression of interest to our office nearest you: Vancouver Edmonton Toronto Montréal